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the Amata are a Vehicle group playable and available in Midnight Club: Street Racing.


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Amata FiorenzaEdit

it's a fast vehicle claimed to be "the best car in the world" by Darren Thurrock.

Amata Fiorenza

Amata Fiorenza IIEdit

Darren's second car when the protagonist has to face the world champ, is basically an upgraded version of it's Predecessor.

Amata Fiorenza II

Amata CrescendoEdit

Un coche de bonificacion PUEDE Obtener vencer por La Unidad ONU Las Carreras de bonificacion en Londres. Cuenta Côn 15 nitros.

These cars can only be obtained by beating the London Champ. (with the exception of the Crescendo, it is a bonus car).

Amata Crescendo


The Amata series of vehicles are fast but hard to control, with the exception of the Crescendo.

Real World EquivalentEdit

This car possibly is inspired by the Italian supercars of the day, with Lamborghini and Ferrari being notable examples. The basename suggests t hat the car is related to Ferrari, except the Crescendo which refers to a Nissan Skyline.


To unlock the Amata Fiorenza, beat Darren Thurrock, the London champ, to obtain the Fiorenza II and Crescendo, win their specific bonus races in London.


  • "fiorenza" means "prosperous" or "from flowers".
  • it's possibly Italian, possibly because the name "Fiorenza" is Italian.


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