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Career ModeEdit

Angel is the fourth challenger you greet in Los Angeles. He is usually found driving nearthe eastern edge of Santa Monica. By flashing your high beams, he will lead you to an intersection in Hollywood, just north of a park full of trees.

In Angels first race, which is named Hollywood Hysteria, is an unordered race around Hollywood that put you against four others. A few obstacles to watch for: Two Sports Utility Vehicles, which both resemble Ford Explorers, blocking your path near the checkpoint that borders Santa Monica with Hollywood, Two vehicles crossing the intersection bordering Hollywood with downtown Los Angeles, plus a series of commercial trucks exiting the garages of an alleyway located just past the freeway that passes through downtown. The race ends at an intersection which contains a fenced off alleyway.

The second race, penned Drag, has you up against the likes of Angels father, Diego. Strangely, although the race takes place in the Los Angeles river, there are still a few minor obstrctions. Seen around a fire barrel are three vehicles, acting as homeless people, as well as two or three vehicles speeding along one of the banks, as though they were having a race of their own. The race ends near an industrial building, which is distinguishable for it possesses a small parking lot. Upon completion of this race, Diego coughs up his 1971 Bestia (Pontiac GTO)

The third race, notably named Cheaters Never Win in which you are against Angel once more, has you up against six other racers. This race introduces to the cheating aspect of some racers, which will be seen later during your encounter with Ricky. This race is jam packed with potential hazards, notably: An commercial truck making a U-Turn near the Los Angeles river, two semi-trucks (each hauling a trailer) that are seen leaving their once idle position, several cars in the parking lot of the building with breakable glass as well as the presence of the police near the arched parking lot. The finish line is at the intersection that marks the southeasternmost point of Santa Monica. Upon completion of Angels two races, he will angrily give up his prized Interna (Honda S2000).


"Whatcha got friend? Ready to read my plates?"


  • Angel is said to be the son of a famous movie producer.
  • Angel tends to brag about how rich he is because of his famous parent, and is shown to be spoiled and immature.
  • Angel's name is most likely a take on Angel Studios, a company that was currently in partnership with Rockstar Games.
  • Diego's name seems as though it pays homage to Rockstar San Diego, a division of the Rockstar Games company.
  • Angel is one of two racers who cheats on their last race, by starting ahead of everyone else. The other is Ricky in Tokyo.

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