Appears in:
Midnight Club: Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Audi RS4,Chrysler 300C,Pontiac Solstice,Shelby Cobra Concept
Street Racing
Voiced By:
Josie Maran

Annie is a character in Midnight Club: Los Angeles.


Annie is a recurring mission giver and one-on-one racer, similar to Karol, but with a smaller role in the game. Booke provides the first introduction to Annie, stating that she might be able to help increase the player's reputation. During a short cut scene, Annie prompts the player to race Brian, a local street racer who has just ripped her off. When the player defeats Brian in a first to three wins series race, Annie talks more about the street racing scene in Santa Monica.


(Here we write what happens in the storyline of MCLA with Annie, need help? Look at storyline cutscenes in Youtube for example. NOTE: Needs to be classified chronologically) - Massionet51


In one-on-one races, Annie starts off driving a Pontiac Solstice, then moves on to the Audi RS4, and finally the Shelby Cobra Concept. Annie can also be raced against in a luxury car, the first being a Chrysler 300C.

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