The Boost is a vehicle available in Midnight Club II.



The Boost is the first vehicle unlocked in Paris. A forgiving coupe that makes a nice introduction to Paris street-racing. With excellent top speed and fast acceleration (high-range acceleration is above mid-range) it's a balanced racer. It is very responsive, but has a large steering circle, making it little hard to navigate tight corners. It has average mass and durability.

If boost is used, it can compete with the Modo Prego and the Vortex 5 fairly.

It is a good choice for most of the racers in Paris. With some practice, it can be a rival for Ricky in Tokyo.


The player earns this vehicle by defeating Blog in Paris.


This car bears a resemblance to the Ford Puma.


  • It is 1 of 2 cars not to feature rear bumper damage, the other being the Bestia.


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