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The Bryanston V is a car a player can obtain in Paris.

Bryanston V


The Bryanston V resembles a Ford Escort RS Cosworth.

How to Obtain Edit

The Bryanston V is obtained by completing Julie's second race Roller Coaster.


The Bryanston V has a 0-120 mph of 2.993 seconds while having a top speed of only 160 mph without nitrous; However, with nitrous, a top speed of 220 mph is obtainable. But if you drift (fishtail) you can go even 249 mph. Drifting can be achieved by pushing the gas and holding or tapping the handbrake while steering the car (left right left right...).


The one raced by Julie and the obtainable one are set to pink, but the drivable one's color is changeable. The colors are pink, red, purple, and blue.



  • After beating Julie & Jewel, Julie states "just take the CARS and go!" This is either because the player wins every color in the car, or an error by Rockstar.
  • Julie and Jewel may each own a Bryanston V, And the player takes them both.
  • They might have had two cars in a pre-release race. Like Primo or Ian