In Midnight Club: Los Angeles, the playable character (simply known as "Player") interacts with other characters primarily as racing opponents or mission givers. Apart from occasional cutscenes in which Player leaves his vehicle, the entire game is played within vehicles, so there is not a significant amount of character interaction.

List of CharactersEdit

Character name Role, interactions
Andre Available as online player
Andrew Available as online player
Annie One-on-one race opponent, mission giver


City champ
Carl South Central wager racer
Dave Mack Burger wager racer and Freeway Racer
Doc Garage owner (South Central)
Dora Downtown Tournament, Freeway Racer, available as online player
Fumiko Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Racer
Henry Beaches Tournament
Hugo Diamond Lot wager races
Jin Payback target
Joe Available as online player
Julian Tuner champ, available as online player
Karol Garage owner (Hollywood, Beaches), eventual garage partner, gives Payback missions, one-on-one race opponent, mission giver
Laticia Beaches champ
Leon Hills champ
Lester Luxury champ, available as online player, pinkslip racer
Marcel Muscle champ
Martin Introduction to Red light racing
Miguel Downtown Time Trial
Mikey South Central Time Trial
Nikolai Wager races in the Hills
Oro South Central Tournament
Oswaldo Motorcycle champ, available as online player
Pete Exotic champ
Pinky Pinkslip racer


Playable character, available as online player
Raymond South Central champ
Tommy Downtown champ, Hills Tournament
Toshi Racer
Trevor Racer
Victor Racer

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