Cheats are special codes or rewards built into the Midnight Club games that allow the player to activate features that are either not yet unlocked or not available at all within the game.

Midnight Club 3Edit

To cheat go to the Main menu -> Options -> Cheats and type in the following codes...


  • Not all cheats work for different versions of the game.
  • This is a list of all cheats known for all versions of the game.(This means that some of them will work for you and some not regard of the version of MC3 you have...)
  • It costs money to use these cheats. When you use these cheats and then return to gameplay, you will be charged $5000 per cheat you entered.

List of CheatsEdit

Effect -> Cheat

  1. Add $1000000 to Career Money -> yourebannedcheater
  2. All cities in arcade mode -> roadtrip
  3. Argo special move on all vehicle -> dfens
  4. Bunny head -> getheadl
  5. Chrome head -> haveyouseenthisboy
  6. Faster pedestrians -> urbarsprawl
  7. Flaming head -> trythisathome
  8. Increase special moves in arcade mode -> hyperargo
  9. No damage -> ontheroad
  10. Pumpkin head -> getheadjk
  11. Roar special move all vehicle -> R04r
  12. Snowman head -> getheadm
  13. Subtract all Career Money -> whoops
  14. Yellow smile head -> getheadj
  15. Zone special move all vehicle -> allin
  16. Erase all game data and render game unplayable -> debacle

Midnight Club Los AngelesEdit

In Midnight Club: Los Angeles, cheats are earned by finding Collectables within the game. For every ten collectables found, a new cheat is unlocked. Cheats are activated from within the pause menu. Cheats can not be used in online play or during rep-earning races. A warning will be presented when cheats are activated (except for the "Top down view") alerting the player to the restrictions in place when using cheats.

  • 10 collectables unlocks "Unlimited nitro"
  • 20 collectables unlocks "Never damage out"
  • 30 collectables unlocks "Unlimited Special Abilities"
  • 40 collectables unlocks "Top down view" (a top down camera view not otherwise available)
  • 50 collectables unlocks "No police"
  • 60 collectables unlocks "No fines"

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown why anyone would input the "debacle" cheat for Midnight Club 3 since it destroys, corrupts and erases game data. It also makes the game unplayable even after you have cleared your game data and started again.

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