The definitive street racing machine. Average abilities.

Unlocked by beating Moses in L.A.

The Citi is a vehicle that appears in Midnight Club II. The Citi is the first car that the player unlocks in Career Mode.




It is unlocked by defeating Moses in Initiation and Welcome to the Club.

Once that's done, he will give you his car to use freely afterwards.

Resemblance Edit

The Citi bears resemblance to the fifth generation Honda Civic Coupe (EJ).

Top SpeedEdit

Top speed 139 MPH Top Crusing Speed
Stuntboost 178 MPH Top Boosting Speed


  • The word citi is likely a pun on the word civic, the model of the car it resembles: Honda Civic.
  • This car has barely any performance modifications, aside from the Autometer.
  • Citi is one of the three available vehicles to drive in the PC demo of Midnight Club II, alongside Monstruo and Cohete.


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