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The Cohete is a sports bike in Midnight Club II.


The Cohete is the first unlockable bike in Midnight Club II. This bike is very fast and light weight. The player should be careful with this vehicle because one wrong move and the driver will be bucked off the bike, taking 5 seconds to remount. As with the other motorcycles in the game, the Cohete doesn't have a nitrous shot. Once acquired, it can become the primary vehicle for the player well into Paris, when the player acquires the Monsoni. Optionally, the player can use it throughout the whole career for a challenge, especially when racing against Savo. It's the slowest of the three motorcyles in the game.

How to unlockEdit

Beat Mauro and the bikers one in of Gina's races.


Weight training.


  • Gina might have been the original rider of the bike due to the fact that the Cohete and its stats can be seen in the cutscene after the race.
  • Cohete means rocket in Spanish.
  • Cohete is one of the three available vehicles to drive in the PC demo of Midnight Club II, alongside Citi and Monstruo.


The Cohete resembles a Honda CBR 929 (tail and head) and a Kawasaki Ninja.


  • Green Cohete in Online Play.

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