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Los Angeles (South Central)
Garage owner, street racer
Voiced by

Doc is a character in Midnight Club: Los Angeles, added by the South Central Premium Upgrade.


Doc is the owner of Doc's Garage in the South Central section of Los Angeles. While fellow garage owner Karol deals with tuners, exotics, and other types of vehicles common to the Hollywood area, Doc specializes in the low riders and SUVs preferred in South Central.


Doc is the central figure in the South Central content of the story. After completing some of the introductory missions in the game, Karol tells the protagonist to visit Doc to check out the racing scene in South Central. Doc's Garage is equivalent to Karol's two garages in the services it offers and the player will be transported there when selecting "Go to Garage" if it is closer than the others.

As with Hollywood Auto, Doc's Garage offers Delivery missions.

When the player accepts Karol's partnership offer towards the end of the game, Doc's Garage is included in the free access to all vehicles and upgrades.




The Goin' South achievement/trophy is awarded to the player for meeting Doc. Additional achievements/trophies are available for completing test drives and delivery missions out of Doc's Garage.

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