The Ford Crown Victoria is a playable car and traffic car encountered in Midnight Club: Street Racing  and Midnight Club II


In both games, this car is based on the second generation Ford Crown Victoria. In Midnight Club: Street Racing, it can be found as a playable Taxi Cab and a playable police car in New York City, as well as a traffic taxi cab. The police car comes in the original white NYPD police car (known as Patrol Car 1; NYPD logo is replaced with MCPD), and the old blue and white NYPD police car (known as Patrol Car 2; NYPD logo is replaced with MCPD). They are both unlocked later in the game.In Midnight Club II, the car is used by the Los Angeles Police Department as both a playable police car and a traffic police car. It only appears in Los Angeles. The playable police car is unlockable after completing all 5 LA circuit races in Arcade Mode. This police car is replaced with the Chevrolet Impala SS police car in Midnight Club 3: DUB EditionMidnight Club: Los Angeles, and Midnight Club: Los Angeles Remix (possibly). 


The LA cop is the fastest Los Angeles car.