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Gemballa F355
Gemballa F355 '98
The F355 after winning it from the By Invitaion Only Tournament in Tokyo.
Make Gemballa
Vehicle type Exotic
Base Class  ?-class Group ?
Real world

The Gemballa F355 is an exotic vehicle that the player can acquire in Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix.

Description Edit

The Gemballa F355 is based on the Ferrari 355, however, it is tuned up by Gemballa

Performance Edit

Handling is very sticky. Forcefully applying the handbrake will get it into a drift briefly before going into a complete understeer. When it's raining, it is slightly easier to drift but understeer can come up fast if the drift is not maintained. Basically it has a tendency to snap out of a drift and just understeer and simply turn in a corner.

It's advisable to use just the gas and brake for most cornering situations.

The gearbox lags in shifting due to the F355 having a 6 speed manual gearbox like other road going Ferraris of it's time.

Drifting any slower than 155 mph will cause the gearbox to drop into lower gears and overrevving the engine, runing the drift in most cases.

Make sure the car stays in atleast 4th gear or any higher gear while drifting or else back out of a drift and simply turn through a corner.

Since the gearbox lags a lot in shifting, it's not useful to engage the NOS when launching the car at the start of a race. This will cause a huge lag in acceleration. Enging the NOS in 4th gear is ideal for best boost in acceleration.


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