Karol MCLA

Moscow (pre-game), Los Angeles
Garage owner, street racer
Voiced by
Saul Stein

Karol is a character in Midnight Club: Los Angeles.


Karol is a Russian street racer and business owner. He owns two garages in Los Angeles in which the player can use Hollywood Auto and the Beaches Garage.


Karol is a central figure throughout the story in Midnight Club Los Angeles. The protagonist meets him very early in the game and his garages serve as the protagonists main base of operations. Karol triggers missions which introduce the player to many gameplay concepts and to other racers as well.

Karol gives the player recurring Payback missions wherein the player must destroy the cars of other racers who have attempted to cheat Karol out of money. He also challenges the player to a series of one-on-one races in increasingly higher performance vehicles.

Ultimately, after the protagonist becomes city champ, Karol offers a partnership agreement for one million dollars that grants the player free access to all vehicles and upgrades available in the garages.



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