Kawasaki Police 1000
MC3 DUB Edition Kawasaki Police 1000
Kawasaki Police 1000 in showroom
Model Kawasaki Police 1000
Appearance(s) Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition
Vehicle type
Price None
Base Class Motorcycles-class Group
Real world Kawasaki Police 1000.

The Kawasaki Police 1000 is a vehicle that appears in Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition.


The Kawasaki Police 1000 is a sports bike based off its real life counterpart. It has the look of a chopper but is actually the size of a sports bike. The bike has small red and blue lights on its front and much larger lights of the same color at the back. It only appears in a few races in the city of San Diego. When the officers riding these bikes spot a speeding racer, they will give chase and simply try to pull over the player. Despite being bikes, the bike can pull racers to side using the PIT Manuever, though it is not as strong with as other cops.


The Police 1000 is one of the fastest motorcycles in the game and has a high top speed. It can speed past the San Diego cop with ease. The bike also has superior handling.


The Kawasaki Police 1000, despite only appearing in San Diego, is the last police vehicle that can be unlocked in the game, therefore, it is the hardest police vehicle to obtain and one of the hardest vehicles to obtain in the game. There is no way to obtain the motorbike in San Diego, even after unlocking Atlanta. The only way to unlock the motorbike is to complete all motorcycle club events.


  • When this bike is chasing another racer, they can knock other traffic cars and send them spinning with ease. This also happens with other cop cars.
  • When the bike is unlocked, there will be an officer on this bike. Despite this, if the player using this bike speeds past other Police 1000s or other Chevrolet Impalas (San Diego cop), they will still be chased. This is possibly due to the fact that the cops were not programmed to ignore the player speeding past them in cop cars.
  • The red light at the back of this bike strangely has more of an amber color than a red color.


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