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The Knight is a car available in Midnight Club II.




Nikko's ride, the Knight resembles the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI [1] This is a very good choice to use for Savo and any other racer. Top Speed is 183 mph. It has the best acceleration in the game and goes from 0-60 in 1.533 seconds. Holding the handbrake can allow the car to execute very long-going drifts. Excellent choice of vehicle in the rain.


The car can be unlocked by winning the Savant of Speed ​​(Nikko's second race).


  • The name "Knight" is a synonym for Lancer, Lancer meaning a cavalryman who fought with a Lance.
  • This car may be a bad choice for some races. Due to the fact that the Knight may be too fast for Paris' tight turns.
  • It shares the same horn sound as the Cocotte, Bryanston v, and the Torque JX even though they slightly differ
  • It has the same engine sound as Bryanston V
  • It has a FF system