The Kuruma is a vehicle featured in Midnight Club: Street Racing


The Kuruma is a brand of vehicle, sporting three different models in Midnight Club: Street Racing. These include the Faasuto GR, the Faasuto GS and the Faasuto GT. They are unlocked through finding the hidden red markers in London.

The Kuruma Faasuto GREdit

This version of the Kuruma can be unlocked by discovering the hidden red marker inside of a parliament building just west of the players starting location in London. It is yellow in appearance, sporting two stripes, one being white whilst the other is black, on the trunk. It also features several car parts manufacturers decals on both sides, including GReddy and Dimma.

Kuruma Faasuto GR

In terms of performance, this is the slowest of the Kuruma's, being bested by both the Faasuto GS and the Faasuto GT in terms of top speed and acceleration. Nonetheless, it trumps the other two models with its strong handling abilities.

The Kuruma Faasuto GSEdit

This version of the Kuruma can be unlocked by using the jump just south of the players starting location in London. The player must use this jump to access the building across the street from it. It is dark grey in appearance, bearing stripes in red, black and light grey near the back tire.

Kuruma Faasuto GS

In terms of performance, it is the strongest of the three models, beholding a balanced variety of speed and handling. Although it is ousted by the Faasuto GR in terms of handling, and the Faasuto GT in terms of acceleration and top speed, its combination of both abilities makes up for it.

The Kuruma Faasuto GTEdit

This version of the Kuruma can be unlocked by accessing the brick red building on the east side of London. The player must go slightly off the jump, where they can pass through the red marker. The car is lime green in appearance, featuring a white tear design along both sides of the car. It features a few sponsors, including Top Secret and Trial.

Kuruma Faasuto GT

When discussing its performance, one aspect of this model that comes to mind would be the overall speed of the vehicle. This model can obtain speeds that outdo those produced by the Zender, the vehicles driven by the World Champion. Both its top speed and acceleration are highly superior to its counterparts. However, due to this ability, the handling suffers greatly. Keeping this vehicle in control can be a difficult task.


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Trivia Edit

In Grand Theft Auto 3 , which is also published by Rockstar Games there is a 4-door car that is also called Kuruma.

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