The London Police contains three vehicles:

  • Police Car
    Police Car

    London Police Car.

  • Police Van
  • Police Wagon

Top SpeedEdit

The police car top speed can reach up to 208 MPH. The police van can reach up to 185 MPH. The police wagon can reach up to 196 MPH.


  • All three police vehicles in the Police Department are called the Metropolitan Police Service and widely known as "the met".
  • In real life, the police vehicles patrol within the area in City of London.
  • The police van has two bar lights(front and rear on roof top) and only the front bar light is functional.
  • The London police car is possibly a street racing unit since it is fast and able to keep up with even the Zender cars.
    Police van

    London Police van.

    Police Wagon

    London Police Wagon.

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