Lukas Howell-Jones is a character in Midnight Club: Street Racing.

Career ModeEdit

Lukas Howell-Jones is the second character you will meet in the city of London. He drives a Modicum. As with every character in the game, it is necessary that you complete three head-to-head competitions as well as three waypoint races. By successfully achieving these required goals, you gain access to each three of his cars, the Modicum XSV, the Modicum XSV.5 and the Modicum XSV.25 and you get one step closer to competing against Darren Thurrock, the street racing champion of London.


  • Although this is false, Lukas tends to think that he was raised on the streets.
  • It is suggested that he is young.
  • The Modicum XSV that he drives is plain green in appearance, the only noticable design would be the two racing stripes placed on the top of the vehicle.
  • The Modicum XSV.5 that he drives is painted red, featuring two checkered flag stripes on the hood.
  • The Modicum XSV.25 that he drives is painted mahogany, with an array of colored stripes that appear on the bottom of the car. Another noticable designing cue would be the enlaged spoiler that appears on top of the rear window.
  • His trio of vehicles very loosely resembles either a Mini Cooper or a Volkswagen Golf.
  • The main sponsor for his vehicles is VeilSide.
  • Lukas Howell-Jones voice actor is the same as the voice actor of  Darren Thurrock of the same game and Owen from Midnight Club II.
  • the definition of "Modicum" means a small amount of something valuable.


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