MCSR White Patrol Car Rear

MCPD patrol vehicle 1.

The Manhattan Police contains three vehicles:

  • Patrol Car 1
  • Patrol Car 2
  • Patrol SUV

Top SpeedEdit

The patrol car 1 can reach up to 178 MPH. Patrol car 2 reaches to 185 MPH. The patrol suv reach up to 170 MPH.


  • MCSR Blue MCPD Patrol Car

    MCPD patrol vehicle 2.


    Patrol SUV.

    Both patrol cars are base on Ford Crown Victoria, while the suv is based on Chevy Suburban.
  • The patrol cars has two different color liveries, white with blue stripes & blue with white stripes.
  • "MCPD" resemble real life "NYPD".
  • Unlike the patrol cars & their liveries, the suv livery is based on the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey.
  • The Midnight Club Police Department has four police vehicles but one of them does not chase the player nor has non functional siren, which is the meter maid.

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