Modo Prego is a vehicle that the player obtains in Paris in Midnight Club II.

Modo Prego


Powerful and light. The vehicle exhibits oversteer at the expense of performance.

Unlocked by beating Parfait in Paris.

The Modo Prego is the first car with three hits of nitrous that the player can use in Midnight Club II.

Top SpeedEdit

Top speed 176 MPH Top Crusing Speed
Stuntboost 188 MPH Top Boosting Speed

How to UnlockEdit

This car can be unlocked by beating Parfait's second race, Haul.


This car largely resembles a 1998-2004 Porsche 911 GT3.


  • Like the other cars mentioned above, it can reach speeds of 200/300+ MPH/KM/H with continued Fishtailing.
  • The word prego means nail in Portuguese. In italian, in some contexts, prego can mean "you're welcome", but it is usually used to say "please do".  
  • It is to note that "prego" comes from the verb "pregare" which means pray or beg.  


  • A Red Modo Prego closing in on a Victory.
  • A Modo Prego racing against two other similar cars.


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