Monstruo is a vehicle in Midnight Club II



A fairly fast vehicle while in Los Angeles, can be used to defeat Dice with ease. The Monstruo is the second to last car the player can unlock in Los Angeles. It can be won from Hector.

Top SpeedEdit

Top speed 171 MPH Top Crusing Speed
Stuntboost 208 MPH Top Boosting Speed

How to UnlockEdit

This car can be unlocked by beating Hector's Lose the Cops event and two races in Los Angeles.


The Monstruo resembles the Mazda RX-7.


  • Monstruo means monster in spanish.
  • Monstruo is one of the three available vehicles to drive in the PC demo of Midnight Club II, alongside Citi and Cohete.


  • Purple Monstruo in Online Play.


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