Nitrous is a limited-use ability available to vehicles in the Midnight Club series. It made its first appearance in Midnight Club: Street Racing and has been in every Midnight Club game since.


Nitrous is an abbreviated form of "nitrous oxide", a compound which has the chemical formula N2O. When injected into internal combustion engines, the compound allows for more fuel to be burned, increasing power.

In the Midnight Club series of games, short bursts of nitrous allow vehicles to accelerate faster.

Midnight Club: Street Racing Edit

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Midnight Club II Edit

Nitrous is unlocked after defeating Moses in the career mode. At that time, the player would have 1 tank of nitrous available. They are unable to add more, but, as they beat city champions, they would have access to vehicles containing more tanks of nitrous. Veloci has the maximum amount of nitrous tanks possible.

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Edit

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Midnight Club Los AngelesEdit

In Midnight Club: Los Angeles, most vehicles start with at least one tank of nitrous, with higher class vehicles starting with additional tanks. In the garage, the player can add up to two tanks of nitrous on top of the base level for the vehicle.

When cruising, the player can refill the nitrous tanks by stopping at any gas station or garage. Passing through a gas station without stopping will refill a single tank, a tactic which can be used during races to avoid losing time by stopping. At the start of any race, except Highway Races, all of the player's nitrous tanks are filled. In Circuit Races, all of the tanks are refilled at the start of each lap.

If the player uses nitrous while the police are in pursuit, they will comment on the fact over the radio.

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