The Nousagi is a sports bike available in Midnight Club II.




The Nousagi is roughly based on the Kawasaki Ninja. It is the fastest and most responsive motorcycle in the game. In the hands of a fairly skilled biker, it can outrun a Veloci. The player does not get much of a chance to drive the bike as it is acquired very close to the end of the game.


This motorcyle is unlocked after beating Zen in Tokyo.


  • Nousagi (野ウサギ) means hare in Japanese, which hints it's good top speed and acceleration.
  • In the game files, there are unused bike voice files for Kenichi, Ichiro & Ricky, suggesting that in the pre-release version, the bike is unlocked from either of the three, and that Zen was initially going to drive a car.


  • Promo art for the Nousagi.
  • Blue Nousagi in Online Play.


(Coming Soon!)

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