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Parfait is a character in Midnight Club II.


Parfait is the city champ of Paris and the final challenger the player meets in that city.

Parfait's time of glamorous cat walks and magazine shoots have long since passed, but her passion for fast cars and good times have not.

Parfait's first race, which is called View From Above, pits the player against six other racers.


  • Parfait means "perfect" in french.
  • Her name is also a reference to her vanity; she inherently mocks the player throughout the races and cutscenes.
  • Her inner thoughts reveal her deep insecurities due to being past her prime (she is a former supermodel), revealing she is a sore loser with a high level of arrogance. Her dialogue referencing her vanity is similiar to Angel's. She even, upon losing her car in the last race, openly states she hopes that the player to crash it.


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