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Mc2 paris

Map of Paris.

Paris, France is a city in Midnight Club II. It is the second city the player visits in career mode.


  • None of the drivers in Paris are Parisian: Blog, Farid, Ian, Primo and Stephane are all foreigners, while Julie & Jewel (from Toulon) and Parfait (from Normandy) are from France, but moved to Paris.
  • Also, all French racers you encounter are female, while all male racers are foreigners.
  • Paris is the city with most foreign drivers, totalling 5 of them, unlike Los Angeles (where all the racers are native to L.A) and Tokyo (where, excluding Savo, features a single foreigner; Haley).


Like its real-life version, Paris features many landmarks found in the real Paris such as Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower


Blog, Primo, Julie & Jewel, Stephane, Farid, Owen, Ian, Parfait, Savo, (non-main)



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Midnight Club 2 Problem, Officers?

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