Payback is a type of mission in Midnight Club: Los Angeles wherein the player must damage target cars within a time limit.


Payback missions become available from Karol during the game and are started from his Beaches garage. Karol tasks the player with damaging the cars of people who have not paid him for his services. He provides a Buick Grand National to be used to damage the target cars.

The timer begins once the target car notices the player's vehicle. If the player fails to neutralize the target within the time limit (90 seconds), the target's friends will show up and attempt to destroy the Payback vehicle. If the player escapes from the friends, similar to escaping from the police, they can continue with the Payback mission. If the Payback vehicle is destroyed, the mission is failed.


  • Some missions require multiple vehicles to be destroyed. After destroying each vehicle, the player should visit a gas station for quick repairs and a nitrous refill. Having all nitrous tanks available can be beneficial in completing the missions.


The Destroyer of Worlds trophy/achievement is awarded to the player after destroying fifteen target vehicles in Payback missions.

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