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A Pink Slip Race is a type of race available in Midnight Club: Los Angeles.


In a Pink Slip Race, also known as "racing for pinks", the player competes one-on-one against another racer. The winner of the race is awarded the opponent's vehicle.

In Midnight Club Los Angeles, all of the available Pink Slip Races are introduced as missions and are run out of racing hangouts. Once the player has completed all of the available pink slip missions by winning all of the vehicles, no additional races are available.

If the player loses a Pink Slip Race, the player's own vehicle must be won back through another race. When entering a hangout and selecting a Pink Slip Race, the player is given a choice of vehicles to race against which includes the regular pink slip vehicles as well as any the player has lost.


The following vehicles are available

Mission Vehicle Opponent
Bird on the Line 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS SS Nikolai
TBA Mitsubishi Eclipse TBA
10 Carat Beatdown Nissan 350Z Jin
"Beach Overlook" Mazda RX-8 Lester

Similar RacesEdit

There are a few missions that are not presented as Pink Slip Races, but which function similarly as the player can win the opponents vehicle.