Primo is a character in Midnight Club II.



Career ModeEdit

Primo is the third challenger the player meets in Paris. He is usually found cruising the Right Bank of Paris. By flashing the headlights, he will lead the player to a plaza which borders the Paris river.

In Primo's first race, dubbed Seine Insane, the player races against him and five other racers within the time limit. In this unordered race, the player has to speed along the narrow roads that border the Paris river, so a sportsbike or a car with acceptable crash deformation are recommended. The only obstacles present are the large quantity of city buses found on the riverside roads. The race ends in a large cobblestone area nearest the arched glass tube.

In Primo's second race, labelled Swerve, the player faces him and four other racers. There are numerous amounts of obstacles in the path, like mail delivery van near the freeway, several cars parked in the two gas stations, plus an Emon gas truck exiting the first gas station, and two police cars at the start of the race. The finish line appears in a large field on the left of the Eiffel Tower.

Upon completion of Primo's two races, the player wins his Schneller V8, alongside his first car, the Vortex 5, but instead of keeping it for themselves, the player gives it as a present to Gina.


  • The word primo means raw, as in materials, or cousin, in Portuguese and Spanish. It also means first or prime in Italian.
  • He speaks with a stereotypical, heavy Italian accent, and uses Italian words in his cutscenes.
  • Primo has similar haircut to Super Macho Man from the Punch Out! Series.
  • Primo is a Formula One driver, as he suggests to the protagonist to try and beat him at F1 racing.

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