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The Midnight Club series features many different types of races, both within career mode and online.


In Ordered races, checkpoints are located throughout the city and must be driven through in a specific order in order. Many of the career mode races in Midnight Club: Los Angeles are Ordered races.


Circuit races are similar to Ordered races, but the player must complete multiple laps through the same set of checkpoints. Nitrous is refilled at the start of each lap.


Unordered races feature a set of checkpoints as in Ordered races, but the player can pass through them in any order. After passing through all of the checkpoints, the finish line is activated. Checkpoints in this race are usually scattered about more so that more possible routes are available to the player.


Rather than having checkpoints in an open city, this event has barriers set in the streets for cars to race a set number of laps againt a set time to beat.


Similar to Autocross, but with other racers.

Time TrialsEdit

Main article: Time Trial

In a Time Trial, the player races alone against the clock in a specific vehicle.

Red Light RacesEdit

Red Light Races are one-on-one, point-to-point races starting at the nearest red light and ending at a point across town. The player starts these races by flashing their headlights at a red light racer while cruising. After completing a red light race, the player can choose to race back to the starting point.

Highway RaceEdit

Similar to Red Light Races, but taking place completely on a highway. These one-on-one races are started by flashing headlights at a highway racer. Unlike a Red Light Race, the race begins immediately.