The Social Club web site is a Rockstar Games feature that allows players to track progress, unlock special content, and participate in multiplayer events for many of Rockstar's games, by connecting their console account to a Social Club account.

Midnight Club Los AngelesEdit

The Social Club site includes several features for Midnight Club: Los Angeles.


Players can track their trophies/achievements on the Social Club site.


The Gallery allows the player to download images taken with the in-game camera.


The Garage shows statistics about each of the vehicles available in the game.


The Multiplayer section displays leaderboards for each of the game modes and races.

Multiplayer EventsEdit

Rockstar occasionally hosts multiplayer events via the Social Club website. Developers who work for Rockstar compete with and against players during these events and contests are held with Rockstar merchandise as prizes.

Discontinued FeaturesEdit

After May 31 2014, these features are no longer available.

Rate my RideEdit

Similar to the in-game online feature, Rate my Ride allows the player to rate vehicles submitted by other players. Use of the feature through the Social Club site does not appear to count towards the Everyone's a Critic trophy/achievement.

Driving TestEdit

The Driving Test is a list of twelve objectives that players can complete in the game. By completing four objectives, players obtain a "C-License" which unlocks airbags and hydraulics. Completing eight objectives leads to a "B-License" and completing all twelve objectives leads to an "A-License".

The site shows the player's progress towards each objective and lists the overall leader for each objective.

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