The Stadt is a vehicle in Midnight Club II. Farid, 6th challenger in Paris, owns this vehicle in orange color, show on the picture.


Although a Paris vehicle, it's handling excels in terms of responsiveness and grip. Combined with brisk acceleration, it is highly recommended to use in tight alleyways or narrow catacombs. The Stadt has low top speed and is also very easy to sustain damage making it extremely vulnerable; it must be advised to avoid collision at all times and use the exceptional handling to outmaneuver racers and cops.



How to UnlockEdit

Defeat Farid's Lose the Cops mission in Paris.


This car bears a strong resemblance of a Renault Clio V6, despite having a German name. It and the Paris Cop are the only cars in Paris to be based off of French cars.


  • Farid's nationality is Algeria, Algiers to be specific. He's an underground street racer.
  • Although the real-life counterpart is MR, this car seems depicted as FF.
  • Stadt is german for city.
  • The Stadt is a car that is affiliated with crime, as revealed in Farid's thoughts.
  • Even if you don't drive this car, inspector Owen will want Farid's car. This problem can be solved if the player completes the career mode and starts all over again with all vehicles.
  • A glitch exists in the PC version where the player may randomly unlock the Stadt early in the game, even before defeating Farid.