The Taxi Cabs in Midnight Club: Street Racing is based on Ford Crown Victoria. This is the first vehicle you get when you start the game. There are three different types of taxi cabs (the standard taxi, super taxi & marauder).

Top Speed(PS2 version)Edit

The top speed for the standard taxi reach up to 114 MPH. The super taxi reach up to 153 MPH. The marauder(taxi), which is attached to a snow plow, can only reach up to 137 MPH.

Top Speed(GBA version) Edit

The top speed for the standard taxi will only reach up to 76 MPH. The super taxi can reach up to 81 MPH. The marauder(taxi) can reach up to 85 MPH.


  • There is also a non-playable taxi cab that operates as the taxi in New York City.
  • Due to this being the protagonist's first car, it's safe to assume the player was a taxi driver.


  • Taxi
  • Super Taxi


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