A Time Trial is a type of race in the Midnight Club series in which the player must complete a race course under a time limit using a specific vehicle.

Midnight Club Los AngelesEdit

In Midnight Club: Los Angeles there are four time trials in the main game and one additional time trial added by the South Central Premium Upgrade. Each time trial has three associated missions and each mission counts 1% towards 100% completion.

To complete the first mission, the player must finish the trial under the original time limit. After doing this, a new mission will be received after a while because someone else has beaten the player's finish time. The second mission will have a time limit that is one second less than the player's first finish time.

After beating the second mission, the process repeats again and the player must complete a final trial with a limit one second less than their second trial time. Winning this third mission awards the player with the vehicle that was used in the trial.

After beating the third mission, the player can continue performing time trials indefinitely. These do not count as missions and use different vehicles than the original trials.



  • Since each mission in a trial requires a faster completion time than the previous mission, it is best to just barely beat the required time. If the finish line is approaching and there are more than a couple of seconds left, slow down and try to cross just before time runs out.

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