The Torque JX is a vehicle in Midnight Club II. It is the penultimate car that can be unlocked in Career Mode.

Torque JX

Torque JX


Low riding road hugger. Can hold any racing line. Handbrake for radical moves.

You can unlock it by beating Makoto in Tokyo.


This car has four nitrous blasts and a very high top speed (only bested by the SLF450X). It has good high-end acceleration. It is a extremely heavy car that can withstand the most damage in the game (though it takes more damage from wall collisions than the SLF450X due to its heavy mass), but the mass makes the car a poor performer in corners. However, this is remedied by using the handbrake to perform difficult, but agile moves. It is difficult to master, but if mastered, it is one of the few

A yellow Torque JX cruises through one of the many Tokyo alleyways.

cars that can compete with the Veloci fairly.


The player unlocks this car by beating Makoto's second race, Enduro.


The car model resembles a Nissan Skyline R34 with elements of the R32, since the car has a spoiler that looks very similar to the R34's spoiler and has the R32's taillights. The rims resemble the Yokohama Super Advan Racing ver.2.


  • The sound when the Torque JX is selected is the same as the car selection of "Jones" in Midnight Club: Street Racing.
  • This car shares a similar handling to Chevrolet Corvette due to its massive mass.
  • Its the heaviest car in the game. Next to Lusso XT and SLF450X .
  • Both Torque JX and Paris Cop shares the same engine sound.
  • In Need For Speed: Pro Street, a video game made by Electronic Arts, its possible to make a Nissan Skyline R34 look like Torque JX by adding a identical widebody and a spoiler. The only difference is the Yokohama Super Advan Racing ver.2 rims are abscent in the game. When fully tuned, it will become heavy like the Midnight Club 2 counterpart.


  • Gray Torque in Online Play.


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