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Dozens of real world makes and models are available to the player in Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition.


Vehicles in the game are divided into seven categories: import tuners, luxury sedans, SUVs/trucks, exotics/concepts, classic/muscle cars, sports bikes, and choppers. '(Remix)' indicates that the vehicle was added in the Remix edition of the game.

Starter VehiclesEdit

The player has a choice of six vehicles at the beginning of the game, with a seventh added by the Remix edition.

Classic/Muscle CarsEdit

The vehicle of choice of the American Royalty Car Club.


The vehicle of choice of the By Invitation Only club.

Import TunersEdit

The vehicle of choice of the Unbeatable Street Racers club.

Luxury SedansEdit

The vehicle of choice of the Luxury Rollers club.


The vehicle of choice of the Big Playas club.


The vehicle of choice of the Chopper of America Bike Club.

Sport BikesEdit

The vehicle of choice of the Original Riders club.

Traffic Vehicles Edit

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