The Veloci is a vehicle in Midnight Club II.  It is the final car that can be unlocked in Career Mode.



The ultimate racer. Speed and handling are perfectly balanced.

The Veloci bares significant resemblance to the Saleen S7.

How to UnlockEdit

Beat all six of Savo's races, win the World Championship and his Veloci. Savo has six races, two in each city.

Top SpeedEdit

The Veloci can obtain 210 MPH without the aid of nitrous, while capable of  233 MPH with nitrous.


  • The description says it is considered a Tokyo vehicle, even though the likely real life manufacturer, Saleen, is an American manufacturer.
  • The Torque JX has a higher top speed than the Veloci, even though the description states that it is the ultimate racer.
  • This car and the SLF450X are the only cars to have five nitrous blasts.
  • It has the second fastest acceleration in the game. Only exceeded by the Knight.
  • It is very light, and gets knocked around easily.
  • It has a boost option while exceeding 60 MPH that can make turning difficult. It is recommendable that the player uses this option on straightaways.
  • In Midnight Club: Los Angeles, the Saleen S7 can be customized to look similar to the Veloci even more so by applying the widebody customization option and tail lights number five. The only visible difference is the widebody possesses a single exhaust rather than a double exhaust.
  • Veloci means fast in Italian.
  • This car has unknown performance parts because they are not listed in the career car selection. The Veloci could be stock aside from its 5 nitrouses and its unique bodykit.


  • A black Veloci powersliding through Tokyo.
  • A top-speed battle between a Torque JX and a Veloci.
  • The Veloci after completing Career.


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