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Victory is a vehicle available in Midnight Club II.

How to unlockEdit

Beat Owen in a one on one race to win his car.


The Victory is mid weighed. It has the poorest top speed & best acceleration but the handling is slippery, as it tends to spin out easily but it's a little less spinny compared to the Jersey XS. It's not recommended to use the car on slippery roads.


The car is based on the Aston Martin Vanquish, but with a slimmer front intake, no side outlet, thinner foglights, shorter reverse lamps and it has Porsche wheels. The correct Aston Martin wheel texture is in the game files but it's unused.


  • This car as well as the owner is a reference to James Bond.
  • Vanquish means to defeat your rivals thus making a victory.
  • It is unknown how the car's driver, Owen, knew where the player was. It's most likely that Farid tipped him off.
  • This is the only vehicle that is won after the main one.


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