The Vortex 5 is a vehicle available in Midnight Club II. It is unlocked after beating "Ricky's Revenge" in Tokyo.

Vortex 5


TIghtly tuned suspension. Excels in alleys.

Unlocked by beating Ricky in Tokyo.


It's unlocked by beating Primo's first race. However, It is not kept for the player, since it is given to Gina as a temporary car for the rest of Paris. Once in Tokyo, it's stolen by Ricky. By beating his two races, you will unlock the car for your own driving pleasure.

A white Vortex 5 follows Haley's Saikou to race.


  • This is the only electric car to appear in Midnight Club 2.
  • The Vortex 5, despite being a electric car, it seems having exhausts due to the use of Nitrous and having Engine and Gear changing Sound.
  • The Vortex 5 is the only car to be owned by more than two racers, Primo, Gina and Ricky.
  • A vortex is a whirling mass of air, especially one in the form of a visible column or spiral, as a tornado.


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