Zone is one of four Special Abilities available in the Midnight Club series. Using this ability causes the game to run in slow motion for a few seconds to allow the player to more precisely execute a turn or other situation. It is similar in concept to "bullet time" or "dead-eye" mode from other games by Rockstar Games.

Earlier GamesEdit

Prior to Midnight Club Los Angeles, Zone was used only by Tuners, Sport Bikes, and Exotics. Like other moves, this move requires the player to complete three races with a car in its own club. There are a couple of exceptions - cars like the Lexus SC430 and Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG are from different clubs, but they can still use zone.

Midnight Club Los AngelesEdit

In Midnight Club: Los Angeles, any vehicle can use Zone. There are three levels of Zone that can be acquired. At first, only a single Zone "tank" can be filled. After enough experience with Zone is gained, up to two additional tanks can be added.

The Zone tanks are filled by driving cleanly at sufficient speed for a certain amount of time. A white ring around the special ability meter gradually forms a full circle to indicate progress. When the ring is complete, a tank is filled.

Unlocking level 3 Zone rewards the player with the Zoning Out trophy.

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